Your forum is an asset to the profession, it is wonderful to have such a fabulous group that are so invested in their people.

Sarah Mockridge – The Dove Service

The Positive HR Forum is an extremely supportive and insightful group to be involved with. The broad range of sometimes difficult topics explored is consistently informative and motivational and it’s very helpful indeed to discuss them together in the open forum setting. I really value being a member and sharing ideas and responses with others and would recommend joining to HR colleagues in whatever sector you work.

Anita Sherratt – Head of HR, Emma Bridgewater Ltd

Spending time to reflect and discuss important topics, as well as just having a chat over a coffee, is what the Positive HR Forum does so well. We all know that talking things through makes for better decision making and gives you little nuggets of ‘I never thought of it like that’! Kaye is a great host and always ensures that it’s entertaining as well as thought-provoking and informative. It’s always time well spent.

Tracey Johnson, HR Director, Leek United Building Society

“The HR Forum is a great group to be part of. Group members are encouraged to suggest meeting topics, this ensures that meetings are relevant to the HR profession. Many of the speakers have really challenged the way I think and this has helped me in my role as Head of HR at Blakemans. The group is also very welcoming and there is a clear ‘no selling’ message. Overall I would encourage anyone involved in HR or training to join the forum.”

Jane Selman, Head of H.R. Blakemans

“The Positive HR Forum is a great opportunity to network with like minded people. I’ve made some excellent contacts and learned a lot through sharing knowledge and good practice.”

Louise Warrillow, HR Manager – Staffordshire & Merseyside Hub Co-op Academies Trust