A positive ethos – why it works so well!

At the Positive HR Forum, we work hard to ensure everyone feels welcome and comfortable. As busy professionals, we understand time is precious so it is important that everyone feels the meeting has been a valuable use of time and leaves having learned something useful to take back to the workplace.

We believe that our success is the result of the following five positive values:


Together we will learn from, challenge and support each other – driven by our shared passion for making a positive impact on the workplace.


A room of equals, we value the diversity of opinions within our group, showing respect to each other by listening and being present.


We come with an open mind and are happy to challenge how things are done.


A safe environment where everyone can be themselves and openly share views and experiences without fear of judgment or concerns about confidentiality.


A friendly forum where all attendees feel welcome and happy to contribute at a level comfortable to them.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this morning’s HR Forum. It was my first time attending but I’ll certainly be returning. The atmosphere you have created is just brilliant, and it was a great discussion!