Our Committee

Positive leadership – our Committee

The role of the Committee is to ensure we stay true to our purpose and make the best decisions on behalf of our forum members. Our committee members represent the demographic split of our attendees including HR Leaders, service providers, specialists and HR consultants.

Kaye Massey (Founder)
Engagement Consultant/Owner - Listen to Your Team.co.uk

“I am incredibly proud to be part of an amazing group of professionals who are passionate about employee engagement and wellbeing.
I’m also blessed to be supported by a great Committee who keep us true to our purpose and help me grow the forum.”

Robbie Hunter
Director - Hunter Heywood

“The HR Forum continues to provide a diverse and very engaging range of topics across the HR spectrum.
It has an inclusive culture for its members which continues to provide refreshing and thought-provoking discussions.”

Lynne Ingram
Managing Associate - Freeths LLP

“The first +HR Forum I attended was in February 2019. I was (and continue to be) blown away by the sharing of experiences amongst the HR professionals and suppliers in a unique open environment which is free from being sold too.
I have learnt something new at every forum.”

Helen Dos Santos
Wellbeing & Resilience Life Coach - Horizons Coaching

“It’s an enormous privilege to be involved with a group of professionals who are so passionate about HR services, engagement and staff wellbeing.
The diverse range of topics and discussions assist in keeping professionals current in their own roles. It is an honour to be part of the committee supporting the value and vision of the Forum as it continues to grow.”

Jane Selman
Jane Selman
Head of H.R. - Blakemans

Having attended the Positive HR Forum events in the past I am delighted to be part of the Committee. The forum is an excellent event for HR professionals. The speakers are great (I’ve certainly learnt from them) and the chance to network in a non-sales environment is unique. That said, by attending the forum events I have made some very useful contacts. Human resources as a profession continues to evolve and attending forum events gives us the opportunity to keep up to date and inspired. I look forward to seeing you at forthcoming events!

Sarah Plant
Sarah Plant
HR Consultant/Owner of People Team Solutions

“I was thrilled to be invited to join the Positive HR Forum Committee, a group of professionals striving to increase our emphasis on our people and their engagement with our businesses. We don’t just look at people from a legislative perspective but those every day interactions and the positive impact that taking the right and fair action can have on the overall success of the business.”

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