Positive HR Conference 2022

Positive HR forum meeting in Staffordshire

Announcing our first annual HR conference

Positive HR Conference 2022Building on the success of our bi-monthly forum meetings, the Positive HR Forum is excited to announce that our first annual conference will be taking place in December.


Getting HR Ready for 2023

The Positive HR Conference will bring together HR Professionals and People Leaders from different organisations to discuss and address some of the latest people challenges faced by businesses today and equip them with the tools to proactively respond to these.

Our conference theme is ‘Getting HR Ready for 2023’. During the day we will be listening to Business Leaders talk about the HR challenges they have overcome and learning from technical specialists on topics which will be relevant to HR in the new year.

Why attend the Positive HR Conference?

HR / People Leadership is both demanding and difficult, not least by the challenges experienced over the last couple of years. Constantly changing, it can feel like no sooner have we reacted to one big shift in direction then the world changes and we are onto the next.

The aim of the Positive HR Conference is to take some time out to come together with your peer group, share experiences and learn from each other to motivate and get ready for the year ahead.

Positive HR meeting in Staffordshire
HR Conference at the Staffordshire Univerity Catalyst Building

Create a catalyst for change at Staffordshire University

Staffordshire University LogoWe are absolutely delighted that Staffordshire University have collaborated with us and are providing us with the perfect setting for our 2022 conference.

Staffordshire University’s Catalyst building is an amazing space, perfect for bringing together businesses in a conference setting and includes an exhibition area for business stands and large breakout rooms for our workshops.

When is the Positive HR Conference?

Friday 2nd December 2022

9.30 am until 3pm

What will happen on the day?

Detailed agenda will be released soon and will include:

  • Guest speaker presentations
  • Workshops
  • Panel Q & A
  • Opportunity to browse business stands from HR service providers

Who is invited?

The Positive HR Forum welcomes people who have a passion for employee engagement and wellbeing including:

HR Leaders

HR Consultants

Business Leaders with HR accountability

HR Service Providers (whose services are predominantly used by HR functions)

Employee Engagement and/or Wellbeing specialists

Exhibition space at the Positive HR Conference 2022

Would you like to exhibit your business at one of our stands?

We have a limited number of stands available. Stands are allocated to businesses that have a service or product which is primarily aimed at the HR Function.
If you are interested in securing a stand, please contact admin@positivehrforum.co.uk.

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